Emergency Water Purification and Filtration Systems For Preppers

Emergency Water Purification

An emergency water purification system is often considered one of the first acquisitions a prepper should make in the quest to be ready for most any disaster. In discussions of emergency preparedness for any sort of disaster H20 supply is one of 4 or 5 keys to survival. That supply, along with a compliment of emergency supplies like adequate food storage, a survival kit, an emergency radio, temporary shelter and other emergency essentials are paramount. We can try to store [...] Read more »

Keeping Boredom Away and Morale High During A Disaster


During a disaster there can be lots of things that are going on but the truth is, there is also a lot of down time waiting for something to happen too. While you are waiting on the weather, government response or a store to reopen you need something to do. Being prepared to fill that down time will be a critical prepper tool to keep everyone calm. Obviously putting up food, water, extra clothes and supplies is not enough. Folding [...] Read more »

Emergency Backup Generator, Do You Really Need One?

Emergency Backup Generators

As most of you did, I watched as Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast and it dawned on me in real terms how very important an emergency backup generator is even in our modern day and age.  Natural disasters, be they hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy snowfall or brushfires. Any one of which can shut down electricity for days, sometimes even weeks.  We are more dependent on electricity than ever before in our history, and the lack of it for an extended [...] Read more »

Big Changes At Disaster-prep.org


Completely New Direction For Disaster Prep Like life on this earth there are big changes to my blog. In some rather in-depth discussions about my website it because painfully obvious that if I want to be effective in getting my message across, I needed to make some pretty drastic changes in this site. There were a ton of visual changes that were suggested and this post ushers in the first of those changes with this brand new theme. If you [...] Read more »

Overcoming The Stigma Of Disaster Preparation


Disaster Preparation Mindset I have been thinking about the negative mindset that surrounds the prepper community by the nature of the topics that we usually discuss. The topics I am referring to of course are all the kinds of disaster, man-made and natural that are our constant companions in many conversations. We often talk about the man-made and natural disasters to come as if there were no hope and it is an absolute forgone conclusion that everything will either be [...] Read more »

The Time For Planning A Survival Garden Is Now

survival garden

Planning A Survival Garden Comes Before Harvesting There is absolutely an increasing interest in the prepper lifestyle and planning a survival garden all around the world. The survival garden is absolutely a compliment to this new way of thinking. It is unfortunate that it has taken so long for survival gardening and the prepper lifestyle to get the kind of respect that it deserves since it can be extremely valuable both now and should the world continue to slide in [...] Read more »

Emergency Food Disaster Preparation… Eat Bugs!

eat bugs

Emergency Food Is Not Always What You Expect It To Be As I read the quote below and many, many more like it in the preparation for this site and as I do the things that I write about to prepare for what may be coming, I think it is past time time to start stockpiling ammo (more) and getting accustomed to eating bugs… as emergency food of course. As the debt burden and currency debauchery game rise together toward some [...] Read more »

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan & Why It’s Hard

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan Against All Odds It can often be a real challenge for a family to get their heads around the idea of creating a disaster recovery plan for many reasons. For one, creating a disaster recovery plan is a lot of work if it is done right but there may be several others at work as well. Maybe not all the members of the family are on board with the need to have a disaster plan [...] Read more »

American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives

What Can American Indians Teach Us About Disaster Management

You are probably looking at that title and saying what in the world does a title like that mean? American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives It was meant to encompass the high points of this article without writing a paragraph for a title. My wife is American Indian and I have always found the stories that have been passed down to her from her family of survival and bravery to be very interesting and wondered what the tragedy that has been visited [...] Read more »

Best Bug Out Bag Contents


Best Bug Out Bag Contents And Best Bug Out Bag Essentials Having the best bug out bag available to you and loaded is probably the single most important thing you can do if you truly believe, as I do, that economic disaster or a natural disaster will be visited upon you and your family at some point in your lives. Of course those of you that know me know that I’m convinced we are teetering on the precipice of economic [...] Read more »