Best Bug Out Bag Contents


Best Bug Out Bag Contents And Best Bug Out Bag Essentials

Having the best bug out bag available to you and loaded is probably the single most important thing you can do if you truly believe, as I do, that economic disaster or a natural disaster will be visited upon you and your family at some point in your lives. Of course those of you that know me know that I’m convinced we are teetering on the precipice of economic collapse at this very moment. So having the best bug out bag backpack available and ready is even more important than ever.

There is some advantage to those that live in rural areas in that it is far less likely that you will have to bug out and even have the need to prepare a bug out bag but in some cases it is still a good idea. I happen to live part of the year in a rural environment and there are certain circumstances where even I would have to leave in a hurry, so you can bet I have a bug out bag as well as many other things ready for the unexpected.

Of course, the best bug out bag or as they are sometimes called 72 hour bug out bag, emergency bug out bag, tactical bug out bag or survival bug out bag is the one that’s ready to go at a moments notice. It could be for a situation where a natural disaster has created catastrophe or any other situation in your area that has deteriorated to the point that getting out fast is necessary. Whatever the case your best bug out bag has to be ready to go at all times.

Storing Your Best Bug Out Bag

Having prepared the best bug out bag you can does you absolutely no good if it’s not readily available to you wherever you are. For that reason, there needs to be some consideration given to where you spend most of your time and or if you can have your bag with you wherever you may go. Some people might go as far as to prepare two best bug out bags. One for the car and one for the home. Whether you have one, two or three the point is to have the best bug out bag you possibly can in the right place all the time. What is the right place? With you!!

What Is The Best Bug Out Bag Type?

Answering the question about what the best bug out bag would be for you, depends a lot on your situation. If you are like me and you work from home, you can optimize your choice and make one size work for every situation. If you’re not that fortunate, you may need to optimize for different places like one for your home and another for your car. You will also want to take into consideration your physical strength. Your ability to carry one for any distance when fully loaded can be a real concern.

In my research, the best bug out bag is made for military purposes most likely because of the field testing that has gone on over a long period of time. They may not be the prettiest bags but our main concern is the bags utility and whatever makes it the best bug out bag, not how beautiful is.

A reasonably sized bug out bag will depend on how much you’re able to carry so you will have to make that determination for yourself. Most of the bags have the ability to expand as well as strap things to the outside so the weight that you’re able to load onto it can vary considerably.

One thing that you want to be very careful when you choose the best bug out bag for yourself is how much the bag itself weighs. Some bags can weigh up to several pounds and the weight of the bag can limit what you could carry in it. Most ideally there are bags that weigh under 10 pounds and can quite adequately carry substantial amounts of gear. That’s what you want to look for to find the best bug out bag.

Straps and expendable compartments on the outside of the best bug out bags can increase substantially what can be carried and increase what you’re able to take with you so that is something you will look for. It will give you the option to take more if it doesn’t make your bag too heavy.

The Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents; What Goes In It?

In order to pack the best bug out bag for yourself there are couple of things you need to remember. One is you never really know what you might run into so you have to pack for a wide array of situations and to be sure to get the bug out back essentials. The other thing to keep in mind is what the climate in your area is like at different times of the year as your bug out bag contents have to be planned carefully to include differences in the weather . If you live in a warm climate year-round it’s a little easier to pack than if you live in a climate where it’s cold part of the year and warm or even hot part of the year. Your best bug out bag contents will have to accommodate those differences.

Most professional organizations advise that you have bug out bag contents to survive on your own for at least 72 hours. And likewise, you need to prepare for the widest array of circumstances. But no matter what you need. Things like emergency food, water, first aid supplies and extra clothes at the very minimum. Of course, you’ll want many more things in your best bug out bag but those four are truly essential.

Water being one of the most important things that your body will need and preparing for 72 hours can add substantial weight to your best bug out bag if you intend to carry enough. It’s probably a better idea to identify water sources in your area and be prepared to decontaminate that water should it be necessary. This is especially true if you are preparing for more than just yourself. If you have a family of four, you’re going to need a lot of water and would likely be too much to carry. Of course this doesn’t mean to not have any water in your best bug out bag so carry what you can within reason and figure out the best way to supplement that supply based on the resources in your local area.

There are some fairly effective filtering systems that are small enough to carry and will in fact take out up to 99.9% of the contaminants from a alternate water source. Having one of these could be the difference between having nearly unlimited water available to you that is drinkable or not having enough for everyone in your group.

Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents: First Aid

Of course first aid is a very important part of any bug out bag and again there aren’t any hard and fast rules because there are so many possible scenarios. Probably the best advice is to consider what potential disasters you consider most likely in your area and prepare for those in conjunction with the broad-based first aid kit.

Again, this is a personal choice and one in which you need to decide what’s best for you and your situation. You will also want to consider any special needs for medication that those in your group may have and have a sufficient supply for an extended period. Don’t forget that it’s necessary to rotate your medications so that they haven’t expired when you need them most.

Being out and away from the modern conveniences that we are so used to, it’s important to remember that we’re going to need a way to cook food as well as possibly stay warm so fire or more accurately a way to start the fire is going to be an important tool in your best bug out bag. Fortunately there are many small lightweight ways to start fire that you can carry with you. Not the least of which is something as simple as a lighter or water proof matches. I wouldn’t rely totally on this method but it certainly would be my first choice. A more primitive way to start a fire would also be necessary for longer-term and also in case something were to happen to your lighter from your best bug out bag.

Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents: Food

Of course food is another of those essential items that people just can’t live very long without. We will not only need food but a way to prepare it. Something like is used for camp cooking would be perfect. They are usually lightweight and conveniently stack inside the different components. The food itself is another story. We need things that are easily prepared and lightweight as well. Oftentimes dehydrated food is the best for these emergency situations.

Another option are ready-to-eat meals from surplus stores. They can be nutritious and have long shelf lives making them especially valuable in your best bug out bag. Some of these ready-to-eat meals also come with a self-contained way to heat themselves via a chemical reaction. They work on the same principle as the hand warmers you may have seen in some stores where when they are activated, create heat and that heat in turn would warm your ready-to-eat meal to some degree. There probably not ideal but in an emergency situation where no fire is available it certainly would be better than eating the food cold.

In general there are many options when it comes to food preparation and even ways to carry different kinds of food. You’ll find many of them in camping stores that have been developed and made quite convenient for campers. These stores can be a tremendous source of innovative ideas for your best bug out bag.

The absolute best food choice for your bug out bag contents as far as food is conserned is dried foods as they will last for many years, at least as long as they are unopened. These freeze dried foods can stay stored in your bag, ready to go for a long time without any thought whatsoever. If you have these bug out bag essentials all lined up and ready, you can still stash extra things that you may have handy at the time you actually need your bug out bag. Things like protein bars and other healthy convience food you have in your food supply in your home or apartment, that would be easy to stuff in a pocket or into an extra space as you hit the road.

Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents: Clothing

As with many other things in your best bug out bag we are the most interested in function. Form has really no consideration whatsoever. You won’t care what you look like as long as your clothes serve the purpose that you need. The most important rule when packing these clothes is to pack light weight clothes that you can layer. Layering clothes makes for an easy way to adjust to whatever needs you may have in terms of warmth. You will also want to have a way to protect yourself from the elements. Something to put on top of whatever layers you may have on at the time to keep them dry.

The best way to tightly pack these clothes into your best bug out bag is to do so by rolling them. Rolling allows you to minimize the space needed for these lightweight items.

Having the right shoes is vital to your survival and should be a part of your best bug out bag. You shoes or boots that are rugged enough to allow you to go wherever you need to go and at the same time they need to be waterproof and comfortable. Extra socks are essential and if you have the space even an extra pair of shoes is advisable in case something happens unexpectedly.

Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents: Shelter

A tent is just about the only shelter that you would be able to carry in your bug out bag. Fortunately, there are tents made that pop open quickly and weigh almost nothing. The same is true for blankets, they have been developed to be ultralight weight very protective and even reflective in case you need to signal to someone for help. Another good choice are fleece blankets that are both light weight and can be very comforting as well as rolled into tight space inside your best bug out bag.

Something that you might also want to consider is a lightweight foam mat on which to sleep. These can be rolled up and carried outside your best bug out bag and will offer a great barrier between you and the ground. This can be very important in order to avoid hypothermia when used in conjunction with an adequate blanket around your body.

It might seem like an odd thing, but having a map of the area you live in could be important while you’re on foot since your familiarity is with roadways and not moving cross country. Of course a compass in conjunction with the map would be vital in order to keep yourself moving in a most efficient direction.

Another thing that people often don’t think about is the fact that there can be long periods of time to fill while you’re either resting or waiting for help. Having a book or two to read is probably the easiest way to fill that time. And it goes without saying that an electronic reader probably is not ideal since the battery life would only be so long. Paperback versions of your books of choice would probably be best because they are lightweight. If everyone in your group brings a couple of books it would keep everyone entertained for quite some time as the books can be traded around.

Bartering with others while the infrastructure of an area is in shambles can be a very important aspect of survival. Having things to trade like cash, precious metals and even alcohol can be invaluable during these times. Of course you probably wouldn’t want to trade things like food and other essentials so you will want to pack items specifically for the purpose of bartering.

Another essential item for your best bug out bag would be a hand crank radio and a hand crank flashlight. This way you never have to worry about batteries and if their are any broadcasts in the area you would be able to listen for important information. If possible a shortwave radio might be useful but could be cumbersome and impractical if you’re not familiar with their use.

Best Bug Out Bag Essential Contents: Tools

You will want a few hand tools for your best bug out bag, things like a portable saw can be invaluable when trying to improvise in these situations. A multipurpose tool that is a hammer, has a claw and maybe other uses could be another possibility that becomes invaluable. Whatever you add to your toolkit just be careful not to add too much weight. Try to find multi-use tools for obvious reasons. Ironically, Tomahawks are sometimes still used by the US Rangers and can be a very valuable tool for many uses while on your own.

Another thing that can be very helpful and take up very little space is fishing line and hooks. For obvious reasons these tools can become very valuable. It then would be easy to make a fishing pole and in turn possibly feed yourself and your family for extended periods of time. Just don’t forget to bring some spices along to flavor the fish, as it’s not likely you’ll have much choice about which ones to catch and eat.

Rope and a lightweight tarp can be invaluable at certain times. There are multiple uses for these items and especially rope can be used for all kinds of survival situations. Another item that most people wouldn’t think of is a whistle. They can draw a lot of attention from a great distance and are extremely lightweight so they are ideal for your best bug out bag. They can also be used to scare off animals that you encounter while on your own. Flares are another small lightweight item that can become invaluable when you need help and need to draw attention to yourself.

Sunscreen, flashlights, paracord, zip ties, toilet paper, knives and for people in most areas at least a gun or two with ammunition are a few of the many other things that you might want to consider loading into your best bug out bag. The fact is during a situation when you need your best bug out bag to be ready you will be dealing with “no rule of law” and unpleasant stuff can happen. You need to be able and ready to take care yourself and those you care for as well as the things you have prepared.

The easiest way is with some kind of firearm. It can serve as a deterrent as well as protection. I am well aware that it is a controversial subject but one you need to think through for yourself. Until not too long ago I would not have even considered owning a firearm but it seems to me that it is almost imperative should our economy start experiencing significant inflation. There is a saying, ‘desperate people do desperate things’ and in case times gets desperate you want to be able to protect the preparations that you have made. If not, your best bug out bag essentials / contents won’t be very helpful when they are in the hand of someone that was totally unprepared but was able to overpower you and take what you have.

Like we mentioned in the beginning you have to assess your situation and figure out what is the best use of space and weight that you can carry and make your decisions based on those.

Use The Contents of Your Best Bug Out Bag

It is smart to actually use your best bug out bag on trial basis before you ever actually need it. You will probably find that if you actually take it out and experience using it in real life, you will find there are certain things that you probably packed but didn’t need and other things you will have wished you had packed. Most people won’t take this preparation serious enough to get the best bug out bag for themselves and unfortunately even fewer will test it out before they need it. Your best bug out bag could save your life and knowing how to use it and what to put in it can make the difference between survival and struggling when the time comes.


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