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Completely New Direction

Like life on this earth there are big changes to my blog. In some rather in-depth discussions about my website it because painfully obvious that if I want to be effective in getting my message across, I needed to make some pretty drastic changes in this site. There were a ton of visual changes that were suggested and this post ushers in the first of those changes with this brand new theme. If you pay close attention you will likely see more changes over the coming weeks and months.

The biggest issue that came out of the discussion with my friends was the incongruence between what the visual impression and the posts were projecting and what I really want the site to be about. You see in my enthusiasm to start the site about this topic I failed to think through and drill down to my real intent. I have now done that and am a lot closer in my head about where I want to go.

What You Can Expect In The Future

The direction I want to go can possibly be described first by what I don’t want it to be. I don’t want to have too much of a survivalist bent. That is not who I am. It is too much out there for me and I would not likely make it very far as a blogger if I had to keep posting in that vein. Second, I don’t want to have too much of a spotlight on the doom and gloom going on in our society and in the world or even what is leading us in that direction. I talk with my mom about this topic in various forms and one of her questions to me that was burned into my head no matter the topic is ‘what are you going to do about it’? It is a good question. It forces me to figure out what can be done or otherwise my rants become pointless.

There are other websites that address all those things and do a good job. I have several that I read and I think they do a good job keeping me up to date on the latest changes that are destabilizing our society. Once I feel like I understand those things enough, I want to turn away from that and create a place that holds out hope for myself and this online community no matter what happens. I do a lot of reading about what is going on in our world and there is very little that I can do about it but I can control what is happening in my little corner. I want to offer others the ideas I have to maintain my own family though all this mess.

Do you see how different that is? I want to lose the focus on the problem and instead to focus on solutions. To show my readers how to create a barrier around those you love, to protect and preserve them in case or when the stuff really does hit the fan.

There Is Always Hope

From now on the site will be about pro-active hope, filled with things to demonstrate what you and I can do to ready ourselves no matter what. Hope… that is what I want to convey. I want to give hope so that those that stumble this way have a reason not to be so down and depressed. Being negative takes all the energy out of a person and can sometimes cause even worse problems. I want to encourage you to get up and get busy, making the best of the time we have. Then, if it really does hit the fan, we will be far more prepared and will likely be able to care for ourselves and maybe help those around us.

It’s Our Journey Of Learning

preparing with group ideasAs you probably know this is really a record of what I am learning as I go. I have never claimed to be an expert and I won’t, but what I am doing is dedicating my time to learning and then passing that learning on to you. I also would like to make it a community effort, one where we all put in our thoughts and ideas so the group can benefit. These are some of my new ideas… just ideas at this point, for titles of new posts in the future.

Ideas For Future Posts

  • How Do I Solve The Water Problem If I Can’t Store Much
  • How To Can Food If You Have Never Canned Anything Before
  • How To Prepare To Grow Food When Time And Space Are Scarce
  • How Can I Have A Nutritionally Balanced Diet If Things Get Bad
  • I Think I Need A Gun But I Don’t Have Much Money… What Now
  • How Do I Fortify My Home
  • Should I Hide My Stash Of Supplies
  • How Do I Hide My Stash Of Supplies
  • How Do I Prepare If I Don’t Know What I Am Preparing For
  • How To Approach People I Want To Talk To About Prepping
  • Do You Ever Have Enough Prepper Supplies
  • Am I Crazy Or The Only One That Gets It
  • How Do I Help People That Don’t Want My Help
  • How Much Is Enough Water Purification
  • Balance Between Frozen Prep Food And Canned / Dried Prep
  • If I Hate Guns, Am I Being Native Not Getting One For Safety
  • Should I Prep To Bug-out Or Bug-in
  • Prepare To Heat Your Home With No Utilities
  • How To Prepare With Enough Entertainment For An IPad Generation
  • How To Prepare If You Have Children
  • How Do You Prepare If You Have Elderly Family
  • Prepping As A Single
  • How To Prepare If Someone Needs Medicine Regularly
  • Prepping With Pets
  • Know What Resources You Have Close By That You Can Count On
  • Emergency Papers, Documents And How To Get Those Ready
  • Communication Options If Things Deteriorate
  • What Reference Material You Want To Have Printed
  • What Kind Of Shoes Do You Want To Have Ahead Of Time

As you can see I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head and the list seems to grow by the minute. That’s it, that is what I want to do and where I want to go from this point forward. I am excited that my readers are going to get to know me better and I them, in this new format and I can offer something that I see as valuable to those that want to participate. Let me know what you think of this new direction and if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them too.


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