Emergency Food Disaster Preparation… Eat Bugs!

eat bugs

Emergency Food Is Not Always What You Expect It To Be As I read the quote below and many, many more like it in the preparation for this site and as I do the things that I write about to prepare for what may be coming, I think it is past time time to start stockpiling ammo (more) and getting accustomed to eating bugs… as emergency food of course. As the debt burden and currency debauchery game rise together toward some [...] Read more »

American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives

What Can American Indians Teach Us About Disaster Management

You are probably looking at that title and saying what in the world does a title like that mean? American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives It was meant to encompass the high points of this article without writing a paragraph for a title. My wife is American Indian and I have always found the stories that have been passed down to her from her family of survival and bravery to be very interesting and wondered what the tragedy that has been visited [...] Read more »

Best Bug Out Bag Contents


Best Bug Out Bag Contents And Best Bug Out Bag Essentials Having the best bug out bag available to you and loaded is probably the single most important thing you can do if you truly believe, as I do, that economic disaster or a natural disaster will be visited upon you and your family at some point in your lives. Of course those of you that know me know that I’m convinced we are teetering on the precipice of economic [...] Read more »

First Steps For Disaster Preparation Planning

disaster preparation planning

Modern Disaster Preparation Planning This is not a call to get all your neighbors together to do disaster preparation planning to protect yourselves from like was done in the old west. What I mean when I mention circling the wagons is disaster preparation. I am discussing readying our lives for some of the serious approaching catastrophes that are being ignored for the most part. They are extremely evident, although almost 100 % unidentified with regards to just what exactly they could mean or even when [...] Read more »

Disaster Management Plan: Buffett Style

disaster management plan

In his usual direct, to the point and extremely effective style, the disaster management plan that Warren Buffett suggested last year in a interview with CNBC said that he could fix the deficit problem in the United States in five minutes. His disaster response or crisis management plan was far simpler than most. But that is just the way Warren rolls… Basically what he is saying we should have this for a disaster management plan “…pass a law that says [...] Read more »