The Time For Planning A Survival Garden Is Now

survival garden

Planning A Survival Garden Comes Before Harvesting There is absolutely an increasing interest in the prepper lifestyle and planning a survival garden all around the world. The survival garden is absolutely a compliment to this new way of thinking. It is unfortunate that it has taken so long for survival gardening and the prepper lifestyle to get the kind of respect that it deserves since it can be extremely valuable both now and should the world continue to slide in [...] Read more »

Emergency Food Disaster Preparation… Eat Bugs!

eat bugs

Emergency Food Is Not Always What You Expect It To Be As I read the quote below and many, many more like it in the preparation for this site and as I do the things that I write about to prepare for what may be coming, I think it is past time time to start stockpiling ammo (more) and getting accustomed to eating bugs… as emergency food of course. As the debt burden and currency debauchery game rise together toward some [...] Read more »

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan & Why It’s Hard

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan Against All Odds It can often be a real challenge for a family to get their heads around the idea of creating a disaster recovery plan for many reasons. For one, creating a disaster recovery plan is a lot of work if it is done right but there may be several others at work as well. Maybe not all the members of the family are on board with the need to have a disaster plan [...] Read more »

Best Bug Out Bag Contents


Best Bug Out Bag Contents And Best Bug Out Bag Essentials Having the best bug out bag available to you and loaded is probably the single most important thing you can do if you truly believe, as I do, that economic disaster or a natural disaster will be visited upon you and your family at some point in your lives. Of course those of you that know me know that I’m convinced we are teetering on the precipice of economic [...] Read more »

Should You Really Prepare For Disaster?

Disaster Preperation

The video that follows was not really intended specifically for a call to prepare for disaster but more to bring attention to the fact that the system we currently are operating under is failing. Although you may find it somewhat difficult to follow (listen a couple of times if you need to) it presents a compelling argument that if we don’t change our ways we are going to have hell to pay sooner rather than later. As with any new [...] Read more »

First Steps For Disaster Preparation Planning

disaster preparation planning

Modern Disaster Preparation Planning This is not a call to get all your neighbors together to do disaster preparation planning to protect yourselves from like was done in the old west. What I mean when I mention circling the wagons is disaster preparation. I am discussing readying our lives for some of the serious approaching catastrophes that are being ignored for the most part. They are extremely evident, although almost 100 % unidentified with regards to just what exactly they could mean or even when [...] Read more »

Economic Collapse Survival Now


Preparing for economic collapse survival with things like a survival supply list, survival gear and survival kits crosses the mind more and more often as you pay attention to what is happening in our world. At least for those that look beyond the latest headlines to what may really be happening behind the scenes. The “News Behind The News” I like to all it. I truly hope that most of the reasons we are doing what we do here, in [...] Read more »