Overcoming The Stigma Of Disaster Preparation


Disaster Preparation Mindset I have been thinking about the negative mindset that surrounds the prepper community by the nature of the topics that we usually discuss. The topics I am referring to of course are all the kinds of disaster, man-made and natural that are our constant companions in many conversations. We often talk about the man-made and natural disasters to come as if there were no hope and it is an absolute forgone conclusion that everything will either be [...] Read more »

American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives

What Can American Indians Teach Us About Disaster Management

You are probably looking at that title and saying what in the world does a title like that mean? American Indians-Disaster Management–Group Living and Survival Knives It was meant to encompass the high points of this article without writing a paragraph for a title. My wife is American Indian and I have always found the stories that have been passed down to her from her family of survival and bravery to be very interesting and wondered what the tragedy that has been visited [...] Read more »

Should You Really Prepare For Disaster?

Disaster Preperation

The video that follows was not really intended specifically for a call to prepare for disaster but more to bring attention to the fact that the system we currently are operating under is failing. Although you may find it somewhat difficult to follow (listen a couple of times if you need to) it presents a compelling argument that if we don’t change our ways we are going to have hell to pay sooner rather than later. As with any new [...] Read more »